1. Call to Order
    1. 5:33pm
  2. Reading and Approval of Minutes
    1. Approved
  3. President’s Report
    1. SLT
      1. PS368 Middle School updates
        1. Public hearing announced for 12/6 via teleconference
        2. PEP vote announced for 12/20 at MS 131
        3. Question: Is the hearing in person.
        4. Answer: No, it is only via teleconference
        5. Question: Is there room for another school?
        6. Answer: Per the proposal yes. There is a lot of empty rooms in PS153 that P368 can take
    2. District 6
      1. Parents encouraged to join the Presidents Council meetings
    3. November Newsletter
      1. Special mentions for Perfect Attendance Awards by the school.
    4. Thousand Thanks
      1. Parents encouraged to join Thousand Thanks with their child at the school
    5. Picture Day updates
    6. Programming proposal
      1. Introducing programs: Family Fridays, Puppet Show, Children’s Theater, Embroidery, Teacher’s Appreciation Lunch, Sugar Hills Children’s Museum, Parent’s Finance Workshop, Bodega Finance Workshop
  4. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Financial report
      1. Current balance: $9,826.44
      2. Recent deposit: $7,674 for picture day
      3. An estimated $4,774 to be paid to Real Photo
      4. Expected net balance: $5,052.44
      5. Question: What % does the school get from picture day
      6. Answer: The PA receives either $5 or $10 per package, depending on the price.
      7. Question: Can parents accompany students on field trips
      8. Answer: Yes they can, but it might depend on the teacher and trip
      9. Comment: It would be good to have children go to the Harlem School of Arts for programing
    2. Updated budget vote
      1. Budget approved by consensus
  5. Visit www.ps153pa.org for the latest information and events
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Community
      1. 30th Precinct Community Council
      2. Suggestions for new guests
    2. Budget
      1. Help develop 2024 fundraising
    3. School
      1. Volunteer to join Parent Discussion Hour
      2. Volunteer to help with Principal Coffee Hour
    4. Membership
      1. Contribute to the PA uniform exchange
  7. Gift card drawing winners:
    1. In-person: Elena
    2. Online: Courtney
  8.  Adjournment
    1. 6:20pm

Meeting Presentation