The Parents Association is funded by contributions by members and supporters. It is our contributions that allow the PA to schedule programs and support our community.

Parents are encourage to contribute in the most sustainable and impactful ways. There is no obligation to contribute and every contribution counts, big or small.

How To Support Your PA


The PA is a volunteer run association without paid staff. Our supporters volunteer their time during special events, setting-up new programming, and other administrative tasks.

Member volunteers are an important part of our association and we welcome any parents who are willing to help.


Our parent community is a diverse group of individuals with different background and talents. As the PA grows we need experienced members who can provide assistance and guidance.

Your special skill or talents can be a great contribution to the PA.


The PA does not receive any funding from the city or school All programming costs are paid directly by the PA treasury, through member donations.

Your donations help the PA organize student and parent events throughout the school year.