PA Meeting 4/19/23 5:30pm


  1. Yesenia Palonco (President)
  2. Rafael Landeiro (Secretary)
  3. Tina Matos (Parent Coordinator)
  4. Yessenia Murillo (Treasurer)
  5. Parents attending not captured.



Movie Night

– Thanks for parents who supported and attended

– Raised $115 for the PA

– Exploring options for more movie nights in the next school year

5th Grade Caps & Gown

– School decided not to offer a cap and gown

5th Grade Graduation Pizza Party

– Still being planned with school

– PA looking for local pizza discounts or donations

Puppet Show

– Confirmed for 4/24

– Thank you for all parents who donated, reach out to the PA to contribute

– Company is WonderSpark Puppets

– There is a workshop at the end where children can make their own puppets

Scholastic Book Fair

– Confirmed for 4/26-4/28

– Parents can fund a digital wallet or give children cash

Family Photo Day

– Confirmed for 5/20 10am-1pm

– Families can select photo packages before and during the event

– Packages start at $27

Electronics Raffle

– PA auctioning off 3 Chromebooks

– Tickets are $15 and 5 tickets for $25

– Drawing is on 5/16

– Contact the PA for tickets

Fundraising Goal

– Target $500 by end of school year

– $250 raise on movie night

– Next opportunities include book fair, family photo day, electronics raffle

– New fundraising ideas welcome


– The PA is planning to launch a website by the end of the school year

– Parents interested in supporting can reach out to PA to join working group

Open Forum / Questions

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